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Name:Lela Badeau
Birthdate:May 17
Location:Washington, United States of America
s h a d o w g i r l

ex-leader of the Seven, Seattle’s scariest villain group

Approximate stats:
120 lbs
Dark auburn hair; dark blue eyes; Caucasian
Size 7 shoes
28 years old

The leader of the devastating villain group, the Seven, Shadowgirl was one of the first powered humans in the Seattle area to go public with their powers, and she was by far the most destructive. Controlling the very forces of darkness and shadow, Shadowgirl can become invisible either by blinding others with summoned darkness or by slipping into shadow. She can also use shadow in offensive methods, attacking, choking and beating her targets with hardened shadow.

Shadowgirl’s costume has varied over the years, but is always dark, ranging from deep dark blue to mottled gray to pitch black. She usually wears a hood that covers most, if not all, of her face. Her outfit is usually rather skintight and she does not usually wear a cape.

It is believed that Shadowgirl and Windwalker have some connection outside of their hero villain, arch enemy relationship. This has of course never been confirmed by either party, but considering how desperately they seem to hate each other, some believe there is a reason other than normal antagonism fueling their hatred.

The Seven dissolved in the winter of 2008, but Shadowgirl can still be seen around town, even if her nightly activities have lessened some.

l e l a
b a d e a u

Lela is a teacher at a prestigious private elementary school in Seattle. She quite enjoys her work, finding the children to be engaging and entertaining. Her half-brother is the dean of the school, but as the two don't get along, it's quite clear that she didn't use the position to ensure her own job. Lela lives alone in a modest flat in Ballard.

Lela Badeau and Shadowgirl are characters from my Nanowrimo novel, No Heroes Plz. She is clearly not Coco Rocha and I do not have any rights to the beautiful Coco, although I do own the characters of Lela and Shadowgirl.

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